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  • CAUL believes that quality isn't only a feature about tools but also about services we provide day by day to everyone who chose our company. We don't make any differences if our customer is a Dealer, Sharpener, small Carpentry or Industry: we offer our experience and services to them all.


    After the supply of tools thanks to our dealers, advice service and our specialized technicians you can find support on periodic revisions of product to preserve the quality that are very important.

    We can offer you these services:
    - Sharpening
    - Reprofiling HM / HSS
    - Detecting new profiles HM / HSS
    - Modifies on existant tools (After technical check)
    - Balancing
    - Working test in our company
    - Parts departments
    - Cleaning tools (body and knives seats)


    CAUL can help you in the process of CE marking in an easy and economical way.
    Our offer includes all the required tests in a certified laboratory and any document concerning certification.
    Our customer with our offer after only 30 minutes from tests can applied the label on windows or doors thanks to our fast process.